Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Off-task Kejap Bersama Shidiey!

Hurm.. okay.. I haven't done my reading for tomorrow's tasks... Aaargh! Gonna die la if like this... Anyways, I've already prepared my breakfast-cum-lunch. Okay, not too bad. At least I've achieved something.  And.... yeah, my group has also done the SE presentation for our school tomorrow. Alhamdulillah. One big burden has been lifted from our shoulder.  Actually, the reason why I'm writing this right now is because... I'm addicted to blogging!!! WTH?!! It's like taking drugs, you know. I just can't resist the temptation although I don't have anything good to write. OMG! I need to stop this habit. I know it's a good thing but I just can't control myself. I mean I don't know how to organise my priorities. I'm willing to spend most of my time blogging rather than doing my academic tasks. This is not good... No. This is not healthy!  But, hey! Look on the bright side. I'm training myself to be expressive as well as practising my writing skills. Yeah, I know. This is not academic but at least I'm writing something especially in English. Perhaps the word 'expressive' isn't that strong. How about 'extrovert'? Yup, I think that will do.  Hehe... Erm... What else? Oh yeah! My honey will be arriving tomorrow.  Can't wait to see her. You know, when I first met her, it's like love at first sight. Yeah, you heard me.  I immediately fell in love with her. However, the funny thing is, I don't know her name. What? I gotta be kidding with myself.  How on earth can I have a crush on her if I don't even know her that well?  Well, let it be a mystery.... *Misteri Nusantara sound effect*... Hehehe.. Erm, since I still don't know anything about her, which I actually don't even bother about it, how about you guys help me suggest one? Make it only one word and the most important thing is... it's a girl's name. Could you do that for me?  Please leave your suggestions in the comment section BELOW *RWJ style*.  Alright guys, that's all for today. Will write again soon. Take care. Daaa~

Salam. ^___^


  1. letak nama Honey juga la baa. apa payah :P

    btw, blogging is somehow beneficial in terms of improving our writing skills, and our fluency too!

    we can even improve our vocab, and grammar as well. believe me.

  2. Honey?? Eeeew.. nak yg exotic2 ckit..hehe.. tp still dipertimbangkan.. :)

    Couldn't agree more.... so... Jom blogging!!! Weeeee!!!! ^,^

  3. exotic?put Aufa then.more than exotic name i guess.*mule dah mode getek xabes2*

  4. Aufa? hurm... a'ah kn? Rare gak nama 2.. org kat sekolah td pun xleh sebut kot..hihi.. :P