Friday, 15 October 2010

'Kesempitan'... The Declaration.

I feel like it's necessary for me to write all the thoughts that are lingering in my mind right now. 
Our allowance is finally in... yeah, I got money...But it's only for a while.  After doing some calculations, it seems that there's so little left to spend.  Ya Allah... *sigh*.... Perhaps this is the consequences for not thinking SANELY before spending all the money that I got previously.  I was overwhelmed by nafs (temptation) at that time. And for that reason, I end up having not enough money right now.  I deserve this... It's all my fault. Hopefully this will be a good reminder for you guys out there.  Think carefully before buying anything.  Think whether it's a must or just merely a that you won't regret or feel guilty about it in the future.  To my friends, sorry for not being able to travel with you guys this winter break.  Guess it's not my time. Well, I myself not even sure about when that time is supposed to be either. Hani... Sorry... I don't think I'll be going back this coming Summer... Still... I'll figure out something... Hurmm.. *sigh again*

With that, I officially declare myself as broke again.


  1. Thanks..nnt share2la kegembiraan ko bila da beli samsung wave ye..hehe