Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My Sweetheart

Hi guys,

Sorry for not posting anything for the last few days. I have been busy. Nope, not busy with my studies. Something else. Although I should've been though.  If you guessed I was too engrossed with my sweetheart, then you're right!

Aha, let me describe for you what kind of person she is.  She's the most perfect creature that I have known for a very short period of time. She has the looks, the personality, etc. She just has everything that every man desires.  Curvy body, beautiful voice... melodious. Nothing to compare her with. She's my only one.  The one who I believe I will be with for a very, very, very long time.

Enough with the fairy tale. Allow me to introduce you guys to my honey...


This is Sara. My new and lovely companion here in Kg. Marjon.  Isn't she just pretty??? Hehe... She's worth everything (if only you guys knew the story). Huhuuhu...

Through happiness & sorrow, I promise that we'll endure them together. Forever.


  1. Sara....
    hahahaha... dah la malu2 lak...
    nnt mandikan la sara so die takkan jd busuk...
    *saje nak kasi die basah n reput*
    *jahat nye ak*
    hahaha.. gurau je..

  2. dia xpkai air... dia pkai special solution... so xla bau semacam..haha

  3. "She's worth everything (if only you guys knew the story)"

    hehe...i know i know :P
    say hi to Sara..uits...itu pula namanya kan.hihi :P