Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Raya Homework :P

Assalamualaikum wbt & Hola! This post is dedicated to my 3 Nilam students who are now on their Raya break.  As promised, this is the homework that you need to complete before the holiday ends. It’s really easy peasy lemon squeezy *wink*.  You’ve learnt the topic passive voice in our recent class yet due to inevitable reasons, we couldn’t do any intensive exercises on it.  Hence, to make it up for it, here’s the work guys...

Underline the object of the verb.  Then, rewrite the sentence in the passive voice by changing the object into a subject.  The first one is done for you.
      1. Leonardo da Vinci painted the ‘Mona Lisa’.
The ‘Mona Lisa’ was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

      2. Australian swimmers have broken many world records over the years.

      3. The station is broadcasting two new programmes today.

      4. The loggers were loading the timber onto the truck last night.

      5. Jenny had written a great story for the contest, but she decided not to submit it.

      6. You are so slow.  The zookeepers will have fed the polar bear long before you reach the enclosure.

      7. Beekeepers use smoke to chase bees from their hives.

      8. Doctors and health workers are dealing with the flu epidemic.

      9. Madame Curie discovered radium.

      10. At camp, the boys do the sweeping and the girls wash the dishes.

      11. Susie will deliver the message today.

      12. You may take photographs of the President when he arrives. 

P/S: I have also attached this work on my email to you guys.  Please do inform your other classmates that they can either print it out from the email or rewrite everything on a foolscap paper.  Happy hols & Eid Mubarak everyone!