Friday, 19 October 2012

I am not your slave!

A quote which I find interesting on my Tumblr. It has been in my 'Liked' posts for quite some time now. Only realised about it as I went through them randomly.  Yeah, I like Tumblr. Motivational quotes, funny pictures, reminders, etc. you name it. Tumblr got everything if you know where to find it. More importantly, it'll prove to be beneficial only if you use it wisely. :)

So, here it is:

I’m not here to be on display. And my body is not for public consumption. I will not be reduced to an object, or a pair of legs to sell shoes. I’m a soul, a mind, a servant of God. My worth is defined by the beauty of my soul, my heart, my moral character. So, I won’t worship your beauty standards, and I don’t submit to your fashion sense. My submission is to something higher.
Yasmin Mogahed 

As human beings, it's inevitable for us not to be deceived by the wonderful promises of the world.  Fashion, big houses, expensive cars, hot & sexy body, etc. - who doesn't want them?  I do and that's exactly where the world want me to be. It's where it want us to be.  Being slaves to our own desire.  The world is just temporary and all the entertainment that we're enjoying right now is just a test for us.  Having said that, those who decide to see with their heart will be the ones to realise it.  A stage with a sinister plan - that's what the world is to me.  As said by Allah SWT in Surah al-Ankabut (29: 64):

And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter - that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew.

This is a reminder to myself. Hope it is to you too.