Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Just writing...

I went back early from school today. Not that early though. Around 1400 hour perhaps?
The reason was the school was having a Dimension Day. 
Don't ask me what it is. 
Even one of the teachers that I met was quite blur about it. Doesn't make any sense, does it?
So what did I only do there?
Well, one word. OFF-TASK.
Seriously, my friends and I were gossiping about everything. 
From Asian to the Western stuff. Sweet memories... Hahaha!!
So, basically we're not able to perfectly complete our SE tasks. Too bad.

Just watched a Korean movie a few hours ago. My Little Bride. Heard of it?
It's a comedy/romantic flick. Quite entertaining, really.  
Thanks to Aufa for suggesting it to me (Ni lah hasil bergossip time kat sekolah td..hehe). 
Actually, it is already in my collection. Just that I didn't have the time to watch it.
What else? Ahhh.. I really want to buy this guitar...

I know it doesn't really look that fancy but I like it. 
After all, it is the only non-electro/cutaway guitar that I can afford.  
It is quite expensive yet it is still in my budget range.
So, I guess why don't just I give it a try? 
The only thing that stops me from getting it is due to the allowance.
Gosh, when is it gonna come in?! 

Signing off~


  1. hee..juz read through ur older posts n suddenly i saw my name. ni yg trase nk stat blogging jugek.

  2. jomla blogging AUfa.. besh.. ko leh gedik2 dlm ni.. hehe.. ^^

  3. ngeng la ko.soh ak nk gedik..honestly speaking, i've tried once. but it didnt work. i really dunno how to express my feeling. i feel like the whole world will know what i feel inside. anyways, im not discouraging u ok..u're a gud writer..keep going, fren..will always support u (:

  4. haha..thanks for the praise. Tp seriously la.. aku pun dlu xtaw nak tulis apa2.. tp last2 aku tulis je apa2 yg terlintas kat kpala hotak aku ni kat blog...jd terus! hehe.. anyways, perhaps u can try 1st by putting up song lyrics... pictures...videos... bg captions ckit.. tulis benda2 harian yg ko wat. ur feelings.. xpuas ati ka.. sedey ka.. epi ka.. bnda merapu pun jadi... don't think they're craps.. In fact, bnda2 craps 2la yg org suka baca... Ni aku quote from Jaryn.. she was the one that told me this..hehe.. Jomla join Aufa..hehe :)