Saturday, 16 October 2010

I just smiled all day long... :)

The afternoon sun was shining brightly over the horizon,
From far, I was scrutinising her,
Almost like stalking her I would say.
But I couldn't conceal myself from her.
I was just too visible. Too obvious for nearly any strangers or creatures to see.
She spotted me. As if I was being caught red-handed for committing a crime. 
A crime that I didn't realise. A crime that perhaps I didn't actually do.
Hence, I walked towards her. 
The tangerine light quickly blinded me.
She didn't want me to see her. To see her true features.
My vision was somewhat blurry as I gained myself close to her.
"Aaah... There she is", I said.
I was tempted to touch her. 
But my arms, my feet, just couldn't move.
I asked myself, "What's happening?"
At that time, she was stepping backwards.
Endeavouring to distance herself from me.
"No, please don't go!", my voice was cracking, disappearing, slowly.
She was now gradually sinking into the ground.
The earth was swallowing her inch by inch.
Until one point, her tangerine light was visible no more.
She had gone and I was not sure if I could see her again tomorrow.
I was terribly heartbroken.  Tears rolled down my chubby face.
She was just so dear to my heart.

I glanced away, thinking of moving on.
Then, I noticed a white figure, not far from where I was.
She was fair. She was so beautiful and radiant.
"Are you here to replace her?", I asked.
But there was no reply. She didn't hear me, perhaps.
I forgot that my voice hadn't recovered yet.
But I didn't feel down.
In fact I was profoundly happy.
Her presence had made my day again.
"Thank you.", I said, not even sure if she could hear me this time.
I just laid down on the field that night, gazing at her beauty.
Hours passed by and I didn't even move an inch.
I didn't want to miss her and that's what I did, staring at her all night long.
Until I noticed it was finally dawn again.
Time to say farewell.
Yet I was too tired to say anything to her.
I closed my eyes for a while, just to revive myself again.
When I opened up my eyes, she was nowhere to be seen.
Yes, she's finally gone.

At a distance, the flowers were gently swaying in the breeze.
As if they were dancing to a melodious song.
I smiled looking at this. And I just smiled all day long.

(Shidiey, October 16, 2010)


  1. cool. very brief storyline helps your reader to feel every word, but somewhat that reduces the play of conflicts, i'd say?

    best dah :) seriously. tp i think it will be sooo much better if u try to omit some phrases, resulting readers to have 'questions' as they read the poem. :)

    l0000ve it!

  2.'s beautiful..ulalalaa..i like it.

    bak kate hilal asyraf

    jadilah matahari. ia tetap ada sentiasa. berani mngeluarkan chaya wlaupun ramai yg mngeluh panas. bila malam ia mmbantu bulan mghasilkan chaya. cahanya hanya malap bila kiamat tiba..nice kann..

    keep up your good work. im sure gonna be 1 of ur top followers.