Friday, 17 September 2010

A Letter To A Friend...

Dear Shidiey,

What's up bro? Are you okay? Your last letter didn't reflect that you're feeling good. You sounded dreadful. What's wrong?  I thought you're happy with your life there? You know, since you're in the UK, you got all the freedom that you profoundly wanted before. No one's gonna tell you to do this and that...all the DOs and DON'Ts... Everything is all up to you now. Come on...tell me.. what's bugging you my friend?

Yours truly,

Dear Shidi,

Hi bro... Yeah, I'm fine...physically. Mentally...spiritually, I'm not. I just don't know.  There's something missing in me.  I just can't figure it out what it is.  I regard myself as a puzzle and a piece of that puzzle...a piece of me is missing.  I have tried to look for it but still, it's nowhere to be found.  Perhaps I didn't really try my best to search for it... or maybe I just didn't really open my eyes widely enough.  I don't know bro.  I'm kinda lost right now.  If only I could see the 'light' that everyone has been looking for.  If only my heart could see it. If only I could catch that light and hold it firmly in my hand.  If only I could lock it inside of me and never let it go again... Oh, life would be so much better for me right now.  Huh... *sigh*... Guess I'm just making things even more complicated, right?  I wish I have all the right words to tell you now.  Unfortunately, it's not that simple. You know what I mean. Well, people often say that life sometimes isn't always good to us.  Are they even sure about this?  Life has ALWAYS been good to us.  It's just us who are blind enough to realise it... and the sad part is, I'm in the middle of it. Can you believe that? Lost in the pitch dark night with nothing to light my way.  I know this is getting nowhere for you.  I'll just end this here. Thanks for listening pal. Appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Till then, take care.

Yours sincerely,



  1. enciK

    SEDIKIt ragU DLM hatI

    ADALh mainan SYAITAN


    jgaN DIbiarkaN KOsoNG

    PENUhkaN DGn ayaT2 al-QURAN

    sbB TU ak PNH katA

    RUMIt bilA HIBUraN DAN agaMA MULa diCMPUradukkAN

    AK bukaN BijaK SGt ttG BNDa2 cmnI

    lgPN, AK pnh RASa macm Tu

    i fEEL Lost

    N Alhamdulillah

    aku kuaTKAn haTI

    DAn btOlkaN SMULA niaT

    ALLAH sntiASa ada DISisi hambanyA..

    TABAH K!