Wednesday, 15 September 2010

01:05 a.m.

It's 01.05 a.m. on Wednesday morning.  I couldn't sleep. Well, it's not that I couldn't, it's because I didn't want to. Doesn't make any sense, does it? This is the first time I'm writing something in a it in or on?? whatever...  Wait a's not actually my first time. I did have a blog before..on Friendster. Are people still using that? I mean, since we're already addicted to Facebook (sorry for all the Friendster lovers out there).  It's probably wise to stick to merely one social network website. Unless you have multiple hands and brains to function at the same time...Then, only then, it'll be a different story.
Oh yeah, I don't really like to write so forgive me if I have somehow broken any of the writing codes, ethics, or whatever you guys want to call it. I'm just the new kid on the block. I need some guidance from all the experienced bloggers.  Yeah, you guys. Who else? Well, this is crap... *smirk*... Sorry guys. Just my first time. I still don't know what to write in here. If you guys have any suggestions, please share them with me. I'll be more than glad to listen (to read).. hehe.. :)
That's all for now... Thanks...  


  1. just crap? hehe. tat's the 'in' thing to do. lol
    but shidi, u r capable of writing deep thoughts also i guess. so why not? hehehe.

  2. Jaryn: So, crap is the 'in' thing eh?? I'll write more about that in the future..whahaha!
    Deep thoughts? Aiyo.. very menyakitkan kepala la Jaryn.. perhaps I'll write something 'serious' occasionally. Thanks for the comment btw. It helps to motivate me..LOL.. ^^