Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Phone Conversation With Yaya :)

I called my sister earlier today. Then, she passed the phone to Yaya, her 4 year-old daughter.  I gave salam to her then she replied 'Walaikumsalam....' cheerfully [the spelling is intended to be that way]. Then I asked, 'How are you?' She then said, 'I am three years old...' I was like, 'Huh??' Haha... Since she was three till now, she's still using the same answer even though that's not it. Ngeeee.. x)

While talking to her, she initiated a new topic: The conversation went on like this:

Yaya: 'Yaya ada adik.'
Me: 'Iya?'
Yaya: 'Iya.'
Me: 'Mana dia?'
Yaya: 'Aaaaa.. sana...saaaana dalam purut (perut)' [My sister will welcome her 2nd child this July, InsyaAllah]
Me: 'Dalam purut? Owhh...' *laugh*
Yaya: 'Iya. Dalam purut.'
Me: 'Boy or girl?'
Yaya: 'Aaaa.... boy... iya, boy...'
Me: 'Ah? Butul (betul) bah? Owh...' *laugh again*

Dalam hati entah macam mana la dia leh tahu lelaki ke pompuan.  Suka-suki dia jerr cakap. Hehe. Then my sis said she has always been like that.  Whenever people asked her, she'd say it's a baby boy although she would refer to the baby as a SHE instead of a HE. Gender confusion? Huhu. The funny thing was she often asked my sis how the baby is going to be delivered. 'Camna baby kuar (keluar)? Kasi inject bah pigi (pergi) hospital.'  LOL! Budget cam doktor pla budak ni. Haha. A kid can be soooo funny at times.  She definitely put a smile on my face today. :)


  1. comel :)

    July? whoaaa~

    khaira masih kecil, ble uncle dia balik.. suh uncle ajar dia :p

    1. Comel kan? x)

      A'ah.. July... :)

      Yela..... xD

  2. mengidam mau anak sendiri ka ni :p :p :p :p