Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I'm Bald Bebeh! xD

Assalamu'alaikum wbt... Hi guys!

Yup... I did it guys. I did it. I have finally shaved my hair off.  A dumb decision? Maybe... maybe not.  :)

I was having trouble with my hair recently. A 'chronic' hair loss I'd say and it bothered me all day long.  Even just thinking of it would give me an awful stress. =___="

Anyway, I decided to have them cut a few weeks ago. A military cut - so it was quite short.  My original intention was just to have a clean shave.  I didn't go for it, however.

Yesterday was the turning point.  The military cut didn't help at all.  My hair was still falling out and it occurred to me that I just had to take the next step - to shave them off.
I went to a barber shop. Yup, it's a barber shop and not those fancy beauty salons.  Instead of using a blade, the barber just used a clipper.  I didn't ask anything, not until he finished trimming my hair.  Then I asked if he could shave it properly - like using the blade.  He hesitated and just replied, 'I'm sorry. We just can't do that here. How about you go and try other shops?' - And so I did.

I went to a salon this time and the people there told the same thing but they did suggest me to try my luck at another salon which was not far from there.  The same excuse and explanation was given, nonetheless, and I was quite disappointed as I literally looked like a monk with the very thin hair still visible left on my head.  He did tell, nevertheless, why they couldn't offer such service. It's just due to a safety or insurance policy which they need to adhere.  Perhaps, they didn't want to get into trouble if they caused someone to bleed because of the shaving especially if it involved using a blade. The UK authority are very particular of people buying and using sharp objects even if they are just a pair of scissors, they still need to show a proof of identification if they want to buy them at the shop.  So different from Malaysia, right?

At the end of the day I thought that I might as well shave them off myself.  Well, it's obvious I couldn't do it on my own so I asked a friend of mine to do the favour for me.  I bought a very decent shaver for a bargain at TESCO.  Luckily I didn't buy the one sold at Boots and Superdrugs.  It was really2 expensive.

That night, he came to my room and 'performed' his amateur shaving skills. He has never shaved anyone's head before so I was actually his guinea pig. Hehe. Well, the result? He managed to shave my head cleanly without killing me. That's a plus point I'd give. Naaaahhh.. He did well and I was thankful I asked him to do it for me.  Thanks again bro.

Let's see the 'evolution'...

When I first came to the UK

The longest I've grown my hair...

Back to short and simple

The baldy with the million dollar smile on his face! xD

That's it. Thanks for wasting your precious time reading this. Hehehe. 

Assalamu'alaikum... :)



  1. Lar..ingatkn siapa la komen di blog. Btw, a clsmate (name is kept secret) actually t'kejut ba nmpk ur pic on Fb, haha..

    1. Hehe... saya la ba.. sapa lagi.. Owh.. besala tu.. sy sndri pun terkejut ni kan lg org lain. hahaha xD