Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Jazakillah Ya Humaira

Assalamu'alaikum wbt...

Jazakillah Ya Humaira..
For giving me this chance,
The chance to be with with someone,
Someone who has devoted her heart for Allah and Muhammad, Ya Rasulullah.

Let us spend our lives together,

Accompanying and loving each other,
Seeing our children running around with laughter,
Never be bored with life even it becomes harder.

Yes, there'll come a time when life just has to end,

And yes, it's painful my dear to comprehend,
For a while, time will definitely separate us apart,
Yet, it doesn't mean Jannah will never reunite our hearts.

May Allah shower his blessings unto us both herein and in the life hereafter. Amin. InsyaAllah.



  1. nice poem:) tp mcm pantun pn ade. hehe

  2. Hehe. Thanks. Tak tawla apa. Maybe free verse kot. main tulis je. ^^

  3. di tuju pada sapa?
    hmm...share skit...share skit...
    orng baru kah d taman hati?

  4. @Khairunnisa: Amin ^^

    @Hyder: Rilek la bro... nanti kita ulas perbahasan ini yerr.. hik3 :P