Saturday, 24 March 2012

Almost there...

Peace everyone... Hi...

It seems that everyone is so happy now that they've handed in the dissertation... All I want to say... Congratulation to you guys. You've made it... you've made it all the way.

For me... maybe it's not the time for me to celebrate it. Not sure why... Just not yet...

Thanks to a friend of mine whom has been there for me while others were busy with their own lives. while others were abandoning me... You were there to help me get back on my feet.  I owe you big time.  Seriously... Can't express my deepest gratitude to you for helping me get through it... Even if I have given everything that I have to you it wouldn't be enough...  You're one in a million my friend.

To Sha, thanks for understanding my situation... and thanks for giving me the space.  You were still there standing firmly right next to me even when I told you I didn't deserve to be with anyone. For that, I thank you.  Good luck with your coming job.  Hope everything goes well for you later.

I'm getting bald. You heard me. It's getting worse day by day.  I mean LITERALLY.  I'm just 23 and I'm losing my 'crown' already while others like me are still embracing it. I'm smiling yet it actually worries me... It's killing me. Guess I'll just have to shave it off after this. What do you guys think?

I can see it yet I still can't get my hand on it... Almost there... almost there.


  1. shidieyyyyyy punya lama aku x jumpa kau.ok ka? mcm sedih jak ni.patut happy bah dissy is over,no?

  2. Assalamualaikum
    sabar selalu..
    Allah tahu apa yang kita lalui..
    thanks doakan sha =)

  3. Aww.. May Allah ease everything for u. :)

  4. my hair was doing the same thing, it kept thinning & falling off more n more each day. and that's why i chop my hair off. maybe people think it's not a serious issue, but i think i understand how you are feeling :( for shaving it off? wait a while, if you still think you want the same thing after a few weeks, then do it. i did that before chopping my hair off. now i am happier. :)

  5. @Beattrice - Iya!! lama sda!! Rindu ni.. hik3.. happy bah.. :)

    @Khairunnisa - Wsalam... sama2.. ^^

    @Leeya - Thanks..

    @Clare Richard - Thanks for the advice... at least I'm not alone.. :)